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“I went on the retreat as a last resort since trying to “help myself” for a year. I was at a broken place that was full of anxiety and lacked joy. I went expecting and believing. These ladies carefully prayed over the retreat because God spoke to me about specific things in my life. The biggest was JOY. I learned that I could have it again while grieving. I’m forever grateful that I experienced such a blessing. My life feels like I have meaning again.”


“I can’t say enough about this retreat. If I had to use words it would be life changing! It’s almost if you are walking on Holy ground to be surrounded by women who have lost infants. My word for the last retreat was peace. Peace flooded my soul. To be around women who share in your grief and pain, while utterly horrific, is a gift from God to our broken hearts. You can’t put a price on what you gain from other women and from the speaker and counselor. I made friends that will last a lifetime. A band of sisterhood that stems from the worst experience of your life. I urge you if you have lost a child to give yourself this gift. I know with everything in me that this opportunity is straight from our Heavenly Father.”


“This retreat changed my life! I’m so thankful for the healing I experienced and renewed joy! Can’t wait for the next one!”


“The retreat was four days I needed more than I realized. Four days with women who understood, where I could be Ethan’s mom and share from my experience without fear or shame. But I am still reaping the benefits – daily I find myself using one of the self care techniques I practiced, recalling a biblical truth from the teaching time, or texting dear friends I will cherish for years to come.”


“I went to Incomplete Retreat with the hope to gain some understanding of why I was in so much pain and what the reason was for my family to keep experiencing recurrent pregnancy loss. I was mad at God. I lost my son Samuel David on 2/27/2018 from hydrops and lost 4 other pregnancies in first trimester. I did not understand why I kept getting pregnant to have them continually be taken away from me.

At this retreat I met amazing women that have overcome the same obstacles as me and were able to walk through their pain and help others. I was able to see that with all this pain came a new layer of who I was and that my pain had a purpose. I still do not believe that “everything happens for a reason” but I know that I can openly talk about my pain and there are women that will understand what I am going through. I was calling into the Alabama support group for a few weeks after the retreat until I could find a local Christian pregnancy loss group here in Denver. They held my hand and my heart bridging the gap from the retreat until I found local support.

I have kept in contact with several of the amazingly strong women that helped me walk through this journey. I never talked about my sweet Sam before because I just sat in depression and would cry when I said his name. After the retreat, I was able to walk into the hospital where I delivered him and talk to the nurses that helped deliver him and give them a hug. I am now in contact with their bereavement coordinator and helping fill their memory boxes with something that will help other mothers get through this difficult time. This retreat has positively changed my life. I have told everyone that will listen to me about it and to hop a flight and head to Alabama to get filled up. I am forever grateful to this retreat. I will never be the same, but I am stronger than I ever was before. God bless the women that took the time and effort to put together such a powerful weekend. I love you all. ”